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Non-Medical Care

Non-Medical Care

Non-Medical Care services offered in Newtown, PA

You turn to your physician for medical care, but what happens when your health or an age-related condition makes it hard to keep up with daily needs like dressing, cooking, cleaning, running errands, or personal hygiene? That’s when you need non-medical care from the compassionate team at Elevation Homecare in Newtown, Pennsylvania. Their private in-home care includes non-medical services that support every challenge you may face, giving you the ability to remain in the comfort of your home. To learn more about non-medical care, call the office today or click online booking to request an appointment.

Non-Medical Care Q&A

What is non-medical care?

Non-medical care covers the services and support you need when a medical condition makes it hard or impossible to care for yourself at home. Without non-medical services, many people end up in a skilled nursing or rehabilitation facility.

There are many health reasons why you would need non-medical care. You may have an illness, a chronic health condition, disability, age-related changes, Alzheimer’s disease, or another type of dementia.

What services might I receive through non-medical care?

Non-medical care provides assistance with:

  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Brushing teeth
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Laundry
  • Mobility assistance
  • Meal preparation
  • Light house cleaning
  • Heavy chores
  • Running errands

Your non-medical services may also include transportation to appointments, shopping for essentials, and other essential daily activities.

What specialized services does non-medical care provide?

As specialists in private in-home care, the team at Elevation Homecare pays attention to every aspect of your physical and emotional well-being. Their compassionate providers ensure you or your loved one are well and safe with services such as:

Friendly visits

Sometimes what you need most is someone who can brighten your day. Our caring providers make friendly visits to check in on you or your loved one. They may simply visit your home to chat and catch up on the latest events, or they may schedule an activity, brunch, lunch, or dinner outing.

Companion care

Older and disabled individuals are often isolated at home and left alone for extended periods. Companion care prevents loneliness thanks to a caregiver who offers genuine friendship together with seeing to their personal care.

Well-being checks

If you can’t reach your loved one or have concerns about their health or safety, you only need to call the office for a well-being check. A team member visits their home, makes sure they’re well, and provides immediate assistance if they have a physical, emotional, or household problem.

Can I get non-medical care around the clock?

Elevation Homecare offers non-medical care around the clock, with the understanding that services like friendly visits, heavy housework, and shopping may be limited to daytime hours. Otherwise, you can receive personal care on a full-time basis, or for a longer time than is typically scheduled for non-medical care.

To learn more about non-medical services or if you have questions, call Elevation Homecare or click to request an appointment online.

Elevation Homecare takes take a holistic approach to each client well-being by focusing on the whole person in every area: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual. Restoring and transforming lives.

Providing consistent care which you can rely on is something that we at Elevation Homecare Agency do best. Our services are carefully drafted and planned to suit your wants and needs. We also give our clients the chance to personalize the care plan they need to guarantee utmost home care satisfaction.